A Unique Textile

Can be applied to every industry;
not only heating, but also used for
Geotextile, Antistatic Fabric, even Bulletproof Clothing.
Smart textiles with IOT
Achieve everything in your life!

About Us

To develop affordable, ergonomic products for
an enhanced quality of life.

Saint Global Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting our environment. Our patented Apollofiber and fabric is designed for comfort, energy-efficiency, and preserving the environment.



Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Uses low voltage, low frequency, and is safe to use in wet conditions. Ultra-low power consumption to protect our environment.

Soft and Comfortable

Light, thin, foldable, carefree. Our fabric with more than 0.80 emissivity which determined by Far-Infrared spectrophotometer in wavelength of 3-14um. Keeps you warm, relaxed and healthy.

Uniform Heating

Patented machine weaves conductive microfibers into cloth for rapid and uniform heating.

No Electromagnetic Waves

All products use direct currents! Near-zero electromagnetic waves meet safety standards. We strive for higher standards in Europe and America to ensure consumer safety and comfort !



Far-Infrared Heating Pad for Human & Pets

The "Far-Infrared Radiation" of our product has been certificated by Taiwan Textile Research Institute.

apollofiber inside® technology

Every interwoven fiber shows uniform thermal conductivity.

Ultra-low power consumption

Our products use DC only, free of electromagnetic radiation; safe to use in wet conditions.

Patterns in special edition

Various cover patterns in special edition for Human & Pets.

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