Stable Product Performance :

Consistent temperature

Maintains consistent set temperature

Uniform Heating

Every fiber interwoven with thermal conductivity.


Uses low voltage, low current, unexpectedly wet nor in danger of electric shock.

No electromagnetic waves

All products use direct current, not electromagnetic waves. Safe to use in wet conditions.

Low power consumption

Ultra-low power consumption, energy-conserving, and environmentally-friendly.

Effective temperature control

Uniform and consistent heating.

Material characteristics :

Light, thin

Comparable to traditional fabrics.


Not limited by appearance and comfortable to touch.

Easily Integrated

Can be combined with a variety of materials and goods.

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Have a good time !

Indoor warmth

Warm your life, get rid of moisture, eliminate bed bugs, take care of your family, improves your quality of life, relaxed every day.

Public construction

Use before it snows to prevent traffic disruption caused by icy roads.

Industrial pipelines

Coat the exterior of pipelines to prevent freezing and continue factory operation in the winter.

Outdoor leisure

Hiking, camping, fishing and even polar exploration. Enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather.

Agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry

Effective thermal insulation and energy-saving to provide an environment where temperature is not under the influence of the seasons. Avoid losses due to cold damage.

Home care

Keep your family warm and comfortable regardless of the seasons.

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