Saint Global Co., Ltd.

Welcome to visit us 2020 CES @Las Vagas

CES Jan 7th ~10th, 2020

10:00 AM 17:00 PM
Saturday 7th January 2020

Visit us : Booth NO. South Plaza/61028

Booth No. South Plaza/61028

10:00 PM 16:00 PM
Sunday 8th January 2020

Visit us : Booth NO. South Plaza/61028


Saint Global Co., Ltd.



Every fiber interwoven with thermal conductivity



Not limited by appearance and comfortable to touch

The Future Project

Stay up to date with future teddy bear shows around the world

Easily Integrated

To develop affordable, ergonomic products for an enhanced quality of life.

Consistent temperature

Our patented Apollofiber and fabric is designed for comfort, energy-efficiency, and preserving the environment.

Uniform Heating

All products use direct current, not electromagnetic waves. Safe to use in wet conditions.

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